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Dr CJ Benkert

Dr. CJ Benkert is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Holistic Physician

Dr. CJ is the author of The Diabetic Weight Loss Solution“, she speaks to women all over North America on how to transform their metabolism, reverse diabetes and balance thier hormones – naturally and without drugs.

She has been a featured speaker on  AskSharifah, Women on the Net, Get You Visible Podcast and more!


Dr. CJ has spoken to men and women all over the country about thier health and wellness. Her energy is strong, kind and informed whether she is speaking online or in a public setting.

Dr. CJ has helped hundreds of men and women get back to a healthy lifestyle through her PuraVida Transformation Program and she willingly and graciously shares her knowledge with anyone who needs it.


Sugar Burning vs. Fat Burning

Dr. CJ specializes in empowering people to own their health and overcome issues at a cellular level, like diabetes, insulin resistance and weight loss resistance in their 40’s and beyond. 

Dr. CJ shares her strategies to get your health back with science-based holistic methods for healing.

Your Body as a Fat Burning Machine

It can be hard to know what it looks like to lose weight the “healthy” way. 

Dr. CJ has spent years learning the science on how to burn FAT without losing muscle. Her strategies are one-of-a-kind and provide ways to lose weight quickly without jeopardizing your health or putting the weight back on later.

Intermittent Fasting + Autophagy

Understanding how to fast safely and to improve your health can be confusing and daunting.

Dr. CJ regularly leads live Fasting Challenges and understands the fundamentals of what it means to fast safely, get into autophagy + how to listen to your body for maximum effectiveness.


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