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Overcome Diabetes & Weight Loss Resistance:

The Diabetic Weight Loss Solution

Transform your metabolism, reverse diabetes, balance your hormones – naturally.

Speaking Engagements

Through the expertise of the PuraVida Transformation Program, Dr. CJ has guided thousands nationwide towards a healthy lifestyle. Her passionate wisdom has been featured on ‘Ask Sharifah‘, ‘Women on the Net‘, ‘Get You Visible Podcast‘ and more!

She speaks on:

Sugar Burning vs. Fat Burning

Dr. CJ’s holistic approach focuses on cellular level healing. She empowers individuals with science backed strategies to reclaim their health and find lasting solutions.

Your Body as a Fat Burning Machine

Losing weight can be a challenge. But Dr. CJ’s shows how you can shed pounds quickly and prevent you from regain.

Intermittent Fasting and Autophagy

Dr. CJ hosts fasting challenges, as she understands the fundamentals fasting safely, autophagy, and listening to your body.

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