Transform your hormones, lose weight and boost your metabolism in this groundbreaking 7 week course with Dr. CJ Benkert

Are you constantly feeling drained, struggling with your weight and wondering why your body is betraying you?

My 7-week METABOLIC RESET program will help you reset your metabolism, burn fat more efficiently,  improve your energy levels, and reduce inflammation throughout your body. Say goodbye to crash diets and quick fixes, and hello to sustainable, long-term results.

This course is for you if...

As a Holistic Physician who has helped thousands of women across the United States lose that impossible, stubborn menopausal weight , I’ll help you reclaim your body, your hormone balance, your youthful energy and zest for life.

I created this online course because…9 years ago I was overweight, depressed and lethargic, addicted to sugar and carbs and was ready to sell my practice and give up on my current life. I figured out what was wrong and why I was stuck…I was able to develop a step by step approach that I have been using to help other women that are also stuck, hopeless, tired and frustrated with their body betraying them.  I created this course because I do not want women to feel all alone, with no support or simple steps to take to get their life and body back.

The 7 Week Metabolic Reset Course is designed to give you an exact step-by-step approach to help you find out why you are stuck, how to gain some momentum and get your body moving in another direction. It enables you to finally lose the weight and have the tools and strategies to keep the weight off because now your hormones are balanced and your body is working like it used to when you were in your 20’s and 30’s

Imagine 7 weeks from now you…


When I started the program I had a body image goal. I don’t know if I had a size goal or any of that, but my clothes were getting tighter and tighter and I didn’t want to keep having to buy new clothes. I wanted to be comfortable in the warm California weather again, and thanks to Dr. CJ I’ve now learned to just listen to my body a lot and I’ve gone 6 pounds past my goal without even really trying, still by still eating the same foods in the same good way that I’ve been because I just feel so good

-Sara M

Just want to make a quick comment. Dr CJ and Teresa, you both are great! Your support and encouragement has been everything. My success with this program has been beyond what I expected. I couldn’t have asked for a better motivator or cheerleader in Teresa! Her suggestions are spot on. I refer to this as my new lifestyle, not a diet. So glad I found this. It’s making a difference every day in my life for the better.

- Belinda C Johnson

Here's how it works:

What's in the program?

  • Address and Heal underlying causes contributing to your hormonal imbalance
  • Begin taking steps toward losing weight 
  • Begin healing your hormonal imbalances
  • Learn what to eat and most importantly WHEN
  • Understand how sugar effects your hormones and how to easily stop eating it!
  • The state of your health is NOT YOUR FAULT!
  • Why eating less and exercising more doesn’t improve your health or help you lose weight
  • Understanding insulin resistance and how it contributes to menopausal symptoms
  • STOP treating symptoms and address the ROOT CAUSE!
  • Identifying Toxins in your food + your environment
  • Learning how to eat whole, real food that balances your hormones
  • Removing toxic chemicals from your daily life that contribute to weight gain + hormonal imbalance
  • Identifying hormone disruptors
  • Understanding your stressors and how stress plays a key role in weight gain + hormonal imbalance
  • The supplements that enhance hormonal balance
  • Why it is impossible to get what your body needs with just food
  • How to know whether or not your vitamins are helping you
  • What to look for to determine it is a high quality bioavailable supplement
  • The power of fasting and how to do it safely
  • Fat Burning vs. Sugar Burning
  • Finding Your ‘Why’
  • 40 days to Fat Burning and Total Transformation
  • Resetting Your Metabolism
  • Diet Variation for hormonal balance
  • Sustained Weight Loss
  • Saying GOODBYE to hot flashes, low energy and weight loss resistance FOR GOOD!
  • Change is possible and not as hard as you think!
  • Losing weight without exercise
  • How to continue your health journey and guidance from Dr. CJ!
Meet Dr. CJ

Hi, I’m Dr. CJ.

-Director of PuraVida Wellness…

And 9 years ago I was stuck too

  • I was overweight + addicted to sugar
  • My Metabolic Age was 56!
  • My future looked bleak

Once I uncovered the root cause … THE TRAJECTORY OF MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER!


  • I’m no longer addicted to sugar
  • My Metabolic Age is 20!!
  • I have a future and a life that is filled with Joy + Purpose!


Enrollment closed

I am limiting the number of students to 30 to keep it intimate, powerful, and life-changing! Once enrollment period is over…you are out of luck! Make a decision today for YOU and your future health, happiness and energy TODAY!

Don't wait another day to change your life!

Take a step towards TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION and join the 7-WEEK METABOLIC RESET PROGRAM designed for women just like YOU!

Your Body Will Thank You.



We are dedicated to your transformation process and do our best to ensure you achieve real results. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions related to The 7-Week Metabolic Reset.

The metabolic reset program is a seven week  comprehensive course that helps you optimize your metabolism and achieve a healthy weight. It involves making guided health and lifestyle changes that promote optimal metabolic function, leading to increased energy levels, improved mood, and a healthier body.

Results will vary based on your individual starting point and how closely you follow the program. However, you’re guaranteed to experience significant improvements in your energy levels, mood, and overall health, as well as weight loss and improvements in metabolic markers. Dr. CJ will work with you to set realistic goals and track your progress throughout the program.


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