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The 5-Day Metabolic Reset

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Day 1: The Root Cause

Learn the root cause of your inability to lose weight and overall feeling of poor health.

Day 2: Eliminate The Cause

Learn the exact steps to take to eliminate the cause of your weight gain and inflammation.

Day 3: Nutritional Deficiencies

Find out where you might be deficient and exactly what to take to boost your health right away!

Day 4: Exponential Healing

Begin to heal your body, lose weight, and reduce inflammation.

Day 5: Transformation

By day 5- you have lost up to 5 pounds, are feeling more energetic, and like yourself again! This video teaches you habits to keep that going.

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Hi, I'm Dr. CJ.

I’ve dedicated my life to educating and inspiring others to achieve optimal health and wellness through “natural health care.” I offer personalized custom programs, including coaching, support, guidance, and holistic weight loss and health transformations with diet, nutrition, intermittent fasting, diet variation, ketosis, and detoxification. I own an operate PuraVida holistic weight loss center in Lakewood, CA, and offer all of my health and wellness programs online. You can find me on YouTube every week or on going live on my personal Facebook page (which I love to do!) You can also grab a copy of my best-selling book here.